This Football

This Football

Broadcast: December 18, 1943
Added: Jan 09 2021

'Granny's' got a football tale for everyone today. The Rose bowl game between State U and Notre Dame is just a week away as the story begins and State U is favorite principally because its back field boasts a young American Italian lad with the hips of a snake and the speed of a deer. Leonardo Petrocki  is his name and he looks like a sure bet for all America's. 

Mrs Petrocki is not so keen on her son being a footballer and has high aspirations for him as an architect. Len is a good son and wants to make his mother happy but he really just wants to play football. State U fear they won't have a chance against Notre Dame and really want him back. The press accuse him of being yellow and this is enough to make him return to the game.