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They Who Sleep

They Who Sleep

Broadcast: 4th May 1948
Added: Jun 28 2011

Repeat of broadcast on 6th January 1945.

Helen Vaughn is an ugly woman. Years ago she and her sister visited a hypnotist, Chadwin the Great. Shortly after that time Chadwin the Great was sent to prison for five years for manslaughter when an experiment to exchange the souls of two men went terribly wrong and one of the men died. Now Chadwin is an old man and Helen has tracked him down and she wants to pay Chadwin $10,000 to exchange the souls of her and her sister Rose, who is beautiful.

This in fact the 1945 broadcast as at the end it announces that the episode next week is Escape Through Time. Escape Through Time was broadcast on 1945/01/13 and unfortunately is not available. I am including this on RUSC just to keep the log record as was also broadcast on 1948/05/04.