They Knew What They Wanted

They Knew What They Wanted

Broadcast: 19th May 1946
Added: May 31 2010

The story is set in the summer of 1924. Tony Pattouchi is an Italian wine grower who has grown moderately rich during the prohibition era in the beautiful Napa valley of California. Tony is an elderly man who has been writing to Amy a beautiful waitress from San Francisco. He hopes to marry her and sends her a photo of his young ranch manager Joe so of course when she arrives at the ranch she believes that Joe is the wealthy vineyard owner. She is at first not happy when she discovers the truth but Tony truly loves her and with nothing to go home for she stays to look after Tony after he breaks his legs in an accident. As the months pass she falls in love with Tony but a foolish mistake forces her to leave him.

Play Written by: Sidney Howard