There'll Always Be a Robin

There'll Always Be a Robin

Broadcast: December 14, 1946
Added: Dec 09 2014

David's life wasn't as long as his story. That won't end for as long as there are some of us here to remember it, and what it means. Except for being mine, Davey was no different from any other little boy, living and playing and growing up on a farm. Until that day. 

It seems so long ago now, but none of us in the valley will ever forget it. The day the alarm bells rang out. It was the fire alarm - and there was smoke coming from the school... 

It was horrible, but finally it was over. We were one of the lucky ones, as Davey was still alive, and hadn't been as badly burned as some of the other children. But we were still shocked when the doctors told us that, even though there was no physical injury, our son was blind.