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The Prisoner of Zenda

The Prisoner of Zenda

Broadcast: 31st May 1950
Added: May 31 2009

Gene Raymond stars as the main character and narrator Rudolf Rassendyll who is an Englishman on holiday in the (fictional) eastern European country of Ruritania. He is mistaken for the soon to be king who on the eve of his coronation is drugged by his brother the villainous Black Michael who covets his position of king. Because of his likeness Rassendyll is persuaded to take his place so that the coronation can go ahead. Later the real king is kidnapped by the villainous Michael and held prisoner at his castle in the forest of Zenda. Michael who plans to kill both his brother and Rassendyll is betrayed by his mistress Antoinette de Mauban who out of her love for him, does not want Michael to become king and marry the king’s betrothed, Princess Flavia, who Rassendyll has also now fallen in love with. It all adds up to a great romantic adventure story.