RUSC Radio - 4th July
Telltale Brand

Telltale Brand

Broadcast: 09 January 1949
Added: Jan 04 2010

The small western community of Eagle's Nest, once a gold rush boomtown, still full of interesting landmarks, silent reminders of a hectic glorious past that turned into a quiet peaceful center of small town trade and commerce. From the Gold Nugget Hotel at one end of its main street to the Silver Slipper Saloon at the other, a handful of men lolled in doorways, stood chatting quietly on street corners. A more careful observer however could discover activities, at least some noise, and it was taking place in the front office of the town newspaper in the middle of the block. Some of the leading citizens were there listening, and the noise was being made by a tall man named Mark Melville.

Announcer: Marvin Miller