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Tell Tale Pigeon Feathers

Tell Tale Pigeon Feathers

Broadcast: 21st January 1946
Added: Jun 27 2009
Sherlock Holmes’s elder brother plays an important part in this story, which happened in 1899. Mycroft Holmes is seven years older than his brother Sherlock. Some say that he is superior by far in observation and deduction than Sherlock. If it were not for his incurable laziness he would have been a far better detective than his brother. Mycroft Holmes holds a high position at the government Foreign Office and it is there that this story begins. Mrs Hudson comes to Mycroft for help, as she doesn’t want to bother Sherlock. Her sister is convinced that one of the guests at her boarding house is a birdman yes a man that turns in to a bird. Mycroft knows that what this really suggests is that the man is smuggling in illegal birds. Mycroft cunningly gets his brother Sherlock to solve the case by sending him an anonymous letter telling him that if he values his life he must keep away from the case.