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Tears of Night Caper, The

Tears of Night Caper, The

Broadcast: 24th July 1949
Starring: Howard Duff
Added: Jun 13 2001
Sam was in his office when Miss Maimie Gaygan, a beautiful woman unfortunately with a heart of stone, demanded that he accompany her to Johnny McCall's illegal gambling hall. There he met Johnny who wanted Sam to take the "Tears of Night" necklace back to its owner, Miss Daphne Arlington, who had put the necklace down as collateral until she could raise the cash after losing on the gambling tables. He had received a call that afternoon from her saying that if her necklace wasn't returned by that same afternoon, she was going to call the police and he would be closed down. Sam agreed, but when he got to her house to give her the necklace, she was already wearing the exact same oneā€¦