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Tale, The

Tale, The

Broadcast: 1957
Added: Feb 05 2022

"I don't know whether I've done retribution or murder, I don't know, I shall never know..." This is the story of a commander of a ship during a war. In the fog they don't see the ship ahead and have a near miss. The commander wants to know about the ship and sends a boarding party to investigate. They discover that it is a neutral cargo ship with engine trouble lost in the fog. But the commander is suspicious and believes that it is there to restock a German U-boat. He decides that he will board the ship himself to be sure. The captain of the "neutral" ship when questioned acts defensively and still claims to be simply lost in fog. The commander gives him his course and demands that he sets sail, but has he set the ship and its crew free or has he sent them to perish? 

NOTE: The audio is a bit bassy to start with but adjusts 2 minutes in and is perfectly clear then.