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Subways Are For Sleeping

Subways Are For Sleeping

Broadcast: 3rd August 1956
Starring: Byron Kane, Sarah Selby
Added: Aug 03 2008
Subways Are For Sleeping is a true story of one man’s strange adjustment to mid-century materialism in the largest city in the world.

Have you ever gotten fed up with rent, taxes and bills and the clatter of telephones with all that a man’s large and small that our complicated civilization puts upon us? Henry Shelby finally did. When they locked him out of his hotel room he stayed out. For the past three years he has by choice been homeless and without a steady job. Yet, Henry Shelby is no bum he is as well dressed and as smoothly shaven as the next man you’ll meet. He is not stupid, he owns a masters degree in economics and is a former schoolteacher. He has never visited a soup kitchen or stood in a breadline or asked for a nights lodging at a mission. Still he has learned for himself how to maintain his sanity and peace of mind in a confused and confusing society, which takes from a man more than it gives. Henry Shelby has reversed the process and this is how he does it…