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Student of Violence The

Student of Violence The

Broadcast: June 11, 1948
Added: Sep 17 2020

Murder is a crime that is committed under many different circumstances, sometimes because of passion, other times for profit, still other killings are perpetrated because of a desire for revenge. But whatever the reason might be it is always a crime committed by a person with an inflated ego because no one but an egomaniac could possible believe that he has the right to take the life of another human being. 

This story FBI file opens at a popular summer resort, The White Pine Inn. A young rather attractive girl Olive Ward, a new waitress at the resort is on the telephone talking with a man in her life.  She arranges to meet him at the boathouse.Two days later having not returned to her post she is reported missing by the manager and a threatening letter is found in her room from someone with the initial J.