Strange Wills

Strange Wills

Back in December, one of our members, added a comment to a post on our Facebook page, suggesting that Joy and I add a series to RUSC called Strange Wills.

I must admit that I'd never heard of it before, but checked the RUSC archives and found that we did indeed have the series on a cassette which had been sent to us from another member's personal collection.

I can honestly say that even after decades of listening to old time radio, there's nothing more thrilling for me, than finding a thriller that I've never heard before!

Strange Wills is a series which each week tells the story of a peculiar will which is being handled by a probate lawyer called John Francis O’Connell - played by Warren William.

Each show opens with the words:-

Strange Wills... Stories of strange wills made by strange people. Men and women who defy and defile every moral law of respectability and decency to satisfy a mad desire. To right an imaginary wrong that burns like a raging fire in their shriveled souls.
Strange Wills are stories based upon actual wills gathered from courts all over the world. Names, places and times have been changed so that no reflection can fall on any person or persons living or dead. Only the sins remain. Deadly sins that cry out from the depths of the grave for vengeance. 

Each story can lead into a typical mystery, a romance, a historical drama, a jungle adventure tale, and even a sci-fi adventure.

Broadcast: August 31, 1946
Added: Jan 21 2017
Broadcast: November 9, 1946
Added: Mar 09 2017