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Story, The

Story, The

Broadcast: April 28th 1954
Added: Jan 28 2014
This is the factual account of the way the police work in worlds largest city, New York. 21st Precinct is just lines on the map of the city f New York. Most of the people who work and live in the nine tenths of the square mile between 5th Avenue and the East River wouldn't know if you asked them if the were in the 21st Precinct.  Whether they know it or not the security of their homes, their persons and property is the job of the men of the 21st precinct  of whom Frank Kenelly is Captain in command.
Police attend an incidence in the street where a man has been shot and left for dead on the side walk. He was out with a girl, Miss Nalen when they had their car hijacked and he was robbed of a thousand dollars and then shot. Miss Nalen met up with him once a month when he came in to town and now she was really worried about whether he would live or die.