Storm In A Teacup

Storm In A Teacup

Broadcast: 11th January 1948
Added: Jan 11 2013

Storm In A Teacup is a comedy which originated in Germany. This radio version is based upon the picture and is set in the United States.

Frank Burton is new to town and is assigned to write an article on Mayor William Gow who is running for governor.

However when poor widow woman Mrs Heggerty approaches Gow for help to release her poor little dog from the pound when she couldn’t afford the license fee he orders her to get out of his house and dismisses her completely.

Burton finds that Mayor Gow is a bit of a dictator and rather than writing a positive report on the campaigning governor he writes that he is a political hypocrite and a hack and shocked by the way he treated the lady he writes his article on how Gow refused to assist one of his citizens.

Burton finds himself being sued for slander but to make matters worse he finds himself falling in love with Gow’s daughter Victoria.

Announcer: Howard Lindsay