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Stock Brokers Clerk, The

Stock Brokers Clerk, The

Broadcast: 23rd February 1960
Added: Feb 05 2012
Frequently cases of Sherlock Holmes’s began quietly enough but led on to rather violent developments. Mr Pycroft a stockbroker clerk is very suspicious as to why a Mr Pinner should approach him in London, engage him in his firm, give him £100 advance, send him to Birmingham and then dash up there himself, shave off his beard, cut his hair and go through all this pantomime with empty offices.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson pose as fellow job-seekers and go to see Mr Pinner in Birmingham. But Mr Pinner upon reading the headlines in a London Newspaper leaves the office in shock and tries to kill himself.

Written for the BBC by Michael Hardwick based on the short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.