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Stars In Their Courses Part 2 of 2

Stars In Their Courses Part 2 of 2

Broadcast: 20th November 1938
Added: Jul 15 2012

Jill Fenwick a young doubting actress meets Reece Tennant after his performance as Romeo in a travelling theater show. They fall in love and are married and she helps him in his acting career success believing that she herself doesn’t belong in the theater.

When the show goes to Boston Reece may finally get his break and go with the show to New York. However before the show is about to begin the lead actress has a heart attack and Reece persuades Jill to step in to the part of Juliet. She agrees reluctantly worried by something that the drunken Paul Summers has said to her, that if her performance outshines her husband her husband would resent her for it.

Guest Host: Orson Welles

Written by: I.A.R. Wylie

Adapted for radio by: Charles Tazwell