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Squaw, The

Squaw, The

Broadcast: 27th April 1958
Added: Apr 27 2009

Cully gets in to a fight at the Long Branch Bar over someone calling him Squaw Man. Three years ago his mother had died and his father had unofficially married a young Arapaho woman. Cully is upset that she is half his father's age and questions why an Arapaho woman would love his father. Marshall Matt Dillon goes to speak to Cully’s father to persuade him to get married the traditional way by the reverend. Matt and Chester discover that they are very happy and in love and things are not quite bad like Cully made out.

Please do not be confused by the advert in the middle promoting a 1966 Christmas stamp. This recording was obviously repeated later on radio but the original story was broadcast on 27th April 1958.