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Smilin Through

Smilin Through

Broadcast: 14th January 1945
Starring: Victor Jory
Added: Feb 04 2011
Smilin Through is one of the great romantic classic of the American theater. John Carteret had been carrying a hatred for 30 years because of what young Kenneth Wain’s father did so he did not like Kenneth courting his niece Kathleen. But neither Kathleen nor Kenneth was aware of what had happened all those years ago to cause John’s bitterness. John finally decides to tell Kathleen of how Jeremy Wain had tried to kill John in a jelous rage on the day that John and Moonyeen were to be married but Moonyeeen stepped in front of him and was accidentally killed. John had mourned his loss all these years and believed that Kathleen the niece of Moonyeen and Kenneth Wain should never be married.

Written by: Jane Cowl

Adapted by: Jean Holloway