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Six-Gun Justice

Six-Gun Justice

Broadcast: 5th December 1952
Starring: Jeff Chandler
Added: Aug 21 2004
Chad Remington is a lawyer and out in the frontier country although Lawyers are n’t too well regarded they sure are necessary. The frontier has attracted all kinds of people and that brings Chad all kinds of clients. One of the rarest birds he’d yet to run across he met just a few weeks ago. Bright and early one morning when he picked up his mail he found a letter postmarked from a town about 200 miles away sort of a new town they’d named Roaring River. Chad had heard about Roaring River because it was becoming famous as the bailiwick of a self appointed justice of the peace, a former muleskinner and folks say he’d skinned a lot of other things besides mules, a salty old character whose name is Peg Leg Cooper…