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Sister Elizabeth Kenny

Sister Elizabeth Kenny

Broadcast: 24th January 1943
Added: Jun 14 2009

We’re on the air with the school kids questionnaire! The Quiz Kids, five bright loveable youngsters ready for another difficult examination in the Alka-Seltzer School room of the year.

None of the children has seen or heard any of the questions in advance. All questions have been sent in by listeners and are presented by the chief quizzer Joe Kelly and the roll call includes 12-year-old Harve Fischman, 10-year-old Gerard Darrow, 14-year-old Margaret Merrick and 6-year-old Joel Kupperman and 14-year-old Smylla Brind.

At the end of the quiz talking by special wire from New York a woman whose name will go down in history with such names as Florence Nightingale is Australian Nurse whose work has made new hope for infantile paralysis all over the world Sister Elizabeth Kenny.