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Sire De Maletroits Door, The

Sire De Maletroits Door, The

Broadcast: February 6, 1975
Added: Mar 01 2014

Based upon the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, adapted especially for the CBS Mystery Theater, our tale takes place in sixteenth century France. 

Alain, the Sire De Maletroit is a little crazed. His niece is infatuated with a man she has only seen a church. Incensed, he is determined to disgrace her - vowing to marry her off to the next man to walk through their door. This happens to be a young soldier, named Denis de Beaulieu, who is running away from an attack which just killed his friend. De Maletroit gives him the choice, marry his niece or be hanged... Refusing to force the young woman into marriage, Denis gallantly chooses to die. Will De Maletroit's niece do anything to save him before he reaches the gallows?