Silver Cord, The

Silver Cord, The

Broadcast: April 18, 1948
Added: May 12 2013

The domineering Mrs Phelps is pleased when her son David comes home but she is not happy that he has brought with him his intelligent wife Christina. Mrs Phelps sees Christina as a threat to her relationship with her son and doesn’t want David and Christina to locate to New York for their work. Mrs Phelps is very controlling and has plans, which will keep her family near her. Her younger son Robin is not free from the controlling clutches of his mother either as she connives to break up Robin’s engagement to Hester.

Hester’s darting excitable nature is the first to break under the strain as it meets the force of Mrs. Phelps resentment head on. Christina too has felt the icy chill of this mother’s relentless scheming and questions her husband’s ties to his mother.

Phew! Thank goodness all mothers aren't like the one in this story!