RUSC Radio - 4th July
Sheik, The

Sheik, The

Broadcast: 3rd September 1944
Added: Mar 29 2012

“I am adventure. In my name men have traversed the highways, the byways, the skyways of the world. I have walked with beggars, ridden with knights in armour and sailed with pirates. I am the fire that burns in the heart of youth that makes men dream and dare and conquer. I am Dangerously Yours…

Today follow me to the deserts of Arabia, meet a girl who was proud beautiful and young. This is one of the most famous romances of all time a story of burning desert sands and midnight rendezvous. The story of a girl who went in to the desert in search of excitement and met that glamorous exciting lover The Sheik

Adapted by Jean Holloway from the novel by E. M. Hull