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Second Chance, The

Second Chance, The

Broadcast: October 30, 1964
Added: Aug 09 2014

It was Oscar Browns day off and his nagging wife made him clean the attic. In a dark corner of the attic he found a book of magic spells and began to read it as he swept. One potion in particular interested him but it  stipulated that he must first get rid of the thing that was causing him discomfort before drinking the potion and reaping all that he deserved. A short while later, on Oscars 65th birthday, when he was nearing an age he could die he got to thinking about the potion. His nagging wife who lacked all tenderness and caused him so much of his discomfort in life pushed him one step too far and he knew it was time to get rid of her and reap the passionate life he longed for. But what he finally gets is what he deserved.