Search for Gwen Moxon, The

Search for Gwen Moxon, The

Added: Mar 21 2014

This story is a dramatization of a real case of a missing person taken from the Missing Persons Bureau files in London but for obvious reasons names and addresses have been changed. 

One of the strangest cases the missing persons bureau ever handled began one afternoon in March '57. Mr Clifford Moxon had arrived at the offices of Mr Henry Simon at the Missing Persons Bureau, to report his wife, Mrs Gwen Moxon as missing. According to Mr Moxon, she left him on 26th November, over four months ago, and although he has tried to locate her, he hasn't seen or heard anything since. As she was an only child, and both of her parents already passed away, there was no family to contact, and no friends that he is aware of. She has simply disappeared without a trace.