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Search For Maxine

Search For Maxine

Broadcast: 13th March 1949
Added: Feb 03 2008

For a long time he’d been standing in the darkened doorway across the street from the swank bachelors club. As Ted Palmroy struggled to make up his mind he stared up at the second floor windows of the building and puffed nervously at a cigarette. It was the last thing he wanted to do to go to cousin Walter for a favor but there was nothing else he could do. Ted was a good newspaperman who’d suffered one bad break after the other through no fault of his own but he always felt that one day the big opportunity would present itself. Now that opportunity had arrived but he needed capital and Walter Palmroy was the only man he knew that had that kind of money…

Interesting to note that this is the same storyline as the Suspense episode entitled Four Hours To Kill broadcast 12th January 1950 but cousin Walter in the Whistler is brother Walter in Suspense.