School For Husbands, The

School For Husbands, The

Broadcast: April 2, 1938
Added: Apr 04 2021

NBC presents The School for Husbands a play written by Moliere which met with success on Broadway when it was adapted by Arthur Gatemann and Lawrence Langner.  Here you can witness a modern version of this French comedy which was originally performed in Paris on June 14th, 1661. You will be taken back to the Palais Royale Theater where the play was originally presented as the scene is set as it would have been at the time. The play originally starred Moliere in the leading part as Sganarelle. The play is all performed in rhyme.

The plot centers on the suitors of two sisters, each of whom is a ward of each of the two men. One suitor, Sganarelle, is controlling and overbearing of his intended wife Isabella. The other suitor, Sganarelle's older brother Ariste, treats his intended wife Léonor more as an equal. Ariste eventually finds success in his pursued relationship, while Sganarelle fails miserably, so much so, in fact, that he is unwittingly used by Isabella in seeking her preferred courter, Valère.