Savage Encounter

Savage Encounter

Broadcast: March 28, 1944
Added: Aug 23 2020

A pilot runs in to an electric storm and is flying blindly not knowing where he is.  With not much fuel left he has to bail out and when he awakes the next day he has no idea where he finds himself. He is met by a seven foot tall handsome native who speaks excellent English and is surprised to find that they know nothing of the world war that is going on in the world or of the American fight against the Japanese. It is a beautiful place with dignity of life and because the pilot reminds them of an educated cultured man named Thomas who once lived there they welcome him to live in peace with them.  

However, when the pilot tells them of the war from where he comes they become fearful of his presence on their island and brand him a savage. They fear his tales of war will subvert their youth and that he will plant the cancer of his insidious world upon them. 

He is put on trial and their reasons for condemning him a savage are compelling but his argument justifying his country's fight against tyranny and fascism in the world is stronger.