Saphires Easter Outfit

Saphires Easter Outfit

Broadcast: April 9, 1950
Added: Apr 07 2023

It's the day before Easter and the Kingfish's wife Sapphire like all women is looking forward to the Easter parade. However as always it's the same old problem, what is she going to wear? Right now she's laying down the law to the Kingpin and tells him she regrets not marrying her old boyfriend Slim. George Kingfish is concerned that she always has her old boyfriend in the back of her mind. Amos and Andy remember the first time the two of them met when Andy was a new kid in town. It seems Sapphire and George Kingfish had the same kind of relationship when they were children and Kingfish realises he's never been a Casanova. He does know though that he'd be lost in this life without Sapphire. However he decides the best thing he can do for her is to let her go and he decides that he's going to make her Easter Parade special then leave her right after that. 

Aww but wait for the ending it is sentimental.