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Roughing It

Roughing It

Broadcast: 28th September 1956
Added: Jan 11 2008

CBS Radio Workshop offers to writers of western films a do-it-yourself kit through the courtesy of one of America’s greatest humorists Samuel Clemens author of the great western entitled Roughing It and otherwise known under the pseudonym Mark Twain.

“This is Samuel Clemens speaking. Word comes through our colony of late residents of the United States that the art form known as the motion picture makes a pretty good thing of bringing the great American West to the attention of the attention of current inhabitants who are fortunate enough to live somewhere else. As I understand it the moviemakers have found three basic ingredients necessary to their presentation of life in the west. Ingredient one: scenery. Ingredient two: a good man in a white Stetson and a bad one with ten gallons of black felt on his head. Ingredient three: a rousing chase over ingredient one and involving ingredient two…”