Rosa Barcelo

Show Count: 113
Series Count: 2
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Rosa Barcelo was a radio actress who portrayed Joan Gregory on Magic Island and Queen Melissa on The Cinnamon Bear. 


Source: Wikipedia

Cinnamon Bear, TheCinnamon Bear, The
Show Count: 28
Broadcast History: 1937 to 1962
Cast: Martha Wentworth, Buddy Duncan, Barbara Jean Wong, Verna Felton, Joseph Kearns, Hanley Stafford, Howard McNear, Slim Pickins, Elvia Allman, Elliott Lewis, Lou Merrill, Frank Nelson, Cy Kendall, Gale Gordon, Ted Osborne, Joe Du Val, Dorothy Scott, Ed Max, Rosa Barcelo, Lindsay MacHarrie, Bud Hiestand
Director: Lindsay MacHarrie
A wonderful serial that was enjoyed annually by young children (at adults) in the period leading up to Christmas.
Magic IslandMagic Island
Show Count: 130
Broadcast History: 1936
Cast: Rosa Barcelo, Sally Creighton, Tommy Carr, Will H. Reynolds