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Romance to a Degree

Romance to a Degree

Broadcast: August 3, 1953
Added: Jul 18 2015

The summer is here, and soon vacation time will be over. I wonder how many of you are still contemplating a trip to Hollywood? This story is about a young man who went to Hollywood, but he wanted to study literature at UCLA. The Westways bus had left Kansas City, bound for Los Angeles and all intervening stops, on Friday morning at 9am. At 2pm it stopped at Middleton, Kansas and picked up William Spring Smith, a tall young man who chose a seat on the shady side of the bus and, after waving goodbye to his mother, settled down to his reading of, Homer's The Iliad. At 6pm, the bus stopped in Oklahoma, where it picked up a pretty young girl Jenny Stewart. She entered the crowded bus, and chose to sit next to William. The two were the most incompatible couple possibly ever to be sat together.