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Romance At Fort Crawford

Romance At Fort Crawford

Broadcast: March 4, 1952
Added: Feb 11 2021

The story begins in the year 1832 in the little frontier outpost at Fort Crawford high up the Mississippi river in Pairie Du Chien, Wisconsin. As a riverboat arrives, waiting with a small crowd on the dock is a lovely eighteen year old girl Miss Sara Knox 

Taylor and her father Colonel Zachery Taylor commander of Fort Crawford. On the boat is Lieutenant Jefferson Davis in full uniform. Sarah and lieutenant Davis begin a courtship but Colonel Taylor is adamant that his daughter will never marry in to the army. Jefferson Davis loves Sara and wants her to be his wife so they wait two years until she is twenty one and can marry without her father's permission, all she seeks is her father's blessing. This is a true and sad love story when their marriage is cut short by the tragic death of Sara on the 15th September 1835. 

In the years that pass the two men that had most influenced her life rose to great heights, her father to become the 12th President of the United States and her husband to begin a career that led to the United States senate and finally to the presidency of the Confederate States of America.

NOTE: the audio goes a bit jittery for a few seconds three minutes in. 






omance At Fort Crawford". Commercials deleted. The story of the tragic romance and brief marriage of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy. Arlene Dahl, Lex Barker, Bill Adams (doubles), Vera Allen, Cy Harrice (announcer), Warner Law (writer), H. L. Blackburn (producer), Jack Zoller (director), Arden Cornwell (composer), Donald Voorhees (conductor), Ginger Jones, Henry Calvin.