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Revolution In Rodneyville

Revolution In Rodneyville

Broadcast: 5th August 1953
Added: Aug 04 2013

This is a story that you won't believe not that there's anything really incredible about it in fact there isn't an element of the mysterious or unusual in the entire episode. It's a story that could take place in any city or town in America. It could but most people think it couldn't and that's why you probably won't believe it.

Tom Dallas works as a political reporter for the Herald newspaper and had driven through Rodneyville many times without ever paying much attention to it. That day he pulled in to the little garage there and meets Mrs Brant widow of  Senator Sam Brant who 15 years ago had been tried and convicted of embezzlement. Mrs Brant tells him there's a big story here in Rodneyville but it's buried under a lot of second hand information.