Recollections at 30

Recollections at 30

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the company, NBC created a series of shows called Recollection at 30. Using a vast number of archival recordings, Recollection at 30 would assemble some of these transcriptions into a 25-minute show. Some of these shows followed a theme, such as the shows The Crash of the Hindenburg, The Big Bands, and Abraham Lincoln. Others concentrated on popular radio programs, such as Truth or Consequences, and Lights Out. People were honored, like Judy Garland, H. V. Kaltenborn, and Irving Berlin.
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Broadcast: May 15, 1956
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Broadcast: June 20, 1956
Starring: Ed Herlihy
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Broadcast: September 5, 1956
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Broadcast: October 10, 1956
Starring: Fred Parsons
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