Reap The Wild Wind

Reap The Wild Wind

Broadcast: 8th March 1943
Added: Feb 06 2012

All drama is not staged by man, what earthly showman can match the suspense of a storm at sea, of a hurricane tossing trees like matches or the blinding flash of a lightening bolt. Nature on the loose has a terrible power and a terrible beauty. It is some of this that producer Cecil B De Mille tried to capture on the screen in Reap The Wild Wind. This powerful love and adventure story adapted from the Saturday Evening Post novel is also a saga of man’s unending contest with the forces of nature.

Produced and directed by: Cecil B De Mille

Others in the cast: Norman Field, Fred MacKaye, Lillian Randolph, Stanley Farrar, Lois Collier, Jack Mather, Ruth Barnett, Bruce Payne

Announcer: John N Kennedy