RUSC Radio - 4th July
Quiet Sunday

Quiet Sunday

Broadcast: 10 June 1946
Starring: Various
Added: Jun 13 2001
This was going to be a quiet Sunday for Henry Parker, peaceful, calm, restful, away from the work and tedium of the office. Just the kind of Sunday Henry always looked forward to during the other hectic days of the week. And more than that, it was a special Sunday, for Henry's wife, Ruth, was vacationing at their lodge at Lake Arrowhead and wouldn't be home. That was the best part. It was nice to wake up and not find Ruth there to nag and irritate him. And it was nice, too, to remember that tonight he had a date with Daphne. Daphne was tall and lovely, and Daphne seemed to understand that Henry liked to spend a nice quiet evening. He was contemplating all this when the doorbell rang.

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