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Professor Elliot

Professor Elliot

Broadcast: 27th April 1950
Added: Apr 27 2008
Maisie Revere has a job as a secretary for Professor Elliott who is an unpublished author. When he left university he was voted as the graduate most likely to succeed and now has decided to forget writing and leave before the 10-year graduate dinner reunion tomorrow night. He tells Maisie that he is expecting a fellow graduate to pop in on him today to enquire about his financial assets and he wants to save himself the embarrassment of emptying out his pockets and showing him which is why he is leaving today. Maisie comes up with a plan to make Professor Elliott appear to be the most successful guy he has ever heard of but what she doesn’t realise is that the guy that turns up is a tax inspector and he is bringing news of a tax refund due to the fact that Professor Elliott only earned $2000 last year. Oh dear Maisie makes him out to be a millionaire to the income tax man.