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Pretty Cousin Amy

Pretty Cousin Amy

Broadcast: 23rd March 1947
Starring: Various
Added: Jun 13 2001
Pretty Little Amy has come to New York to get a job. Wisconsin was just a bit to small for her, and New York seems so much more exciting. But Nora, don't believe her when she's only staying one night, the city has so many hotels. And the migraine headache that keeps her bedridden - does she really look like she's in pain?. She seems to like you serving her breakfast in bed. She seems to like your husband too. Why is it always the sweet ones that turn to be oh, so sour.

Quoth the Clock: "The male animal... has taken thousands of years to reach his present stage of civilization, but the wrong woman can send him back to the jungle and the caves in exactly half an hour."

Any fans of the movie All About Eve or Poison Ivy will love this version of the classic tale of female turf war.

Reviewed by Sarah B