President And The Doctor, The

President And The Doctor, The

Broadcast: March 22, 1948
Added: Jun 30 2020

This is a little known story about a double crisis in the life of our nation's first president George Washington and Dr. Samuel Bard, his physician during his little known but very serious illness. It begins in June 1789 in New York City, the then capital of America.

At the end of this story on talking about creating a new more central Capital of America in some wilderness George Washington said, "A wilderness in a land where a freedom to remain a living ideal as long as its people are willing to fight for it. God prevent they should ever feel otherwise for as I've said many times, 'When a people shall have become incapable of governing themselves and fit for a master it's of little consequence from what quarter he comes and against such a fate we must all strive with all our hearts and all our souls".