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Pony for Christmas, A

Pony for Christmas, A

Broadcast: December 19, 1954
Added: Dec 20 2013
"Dr Ray Matson MD was the gun  toting doctor who roamed the length and breadth of the old Indian territory. Friend and physician to white man and Indian alike, the symbol of justice and mercy in the lawless west of the 1870's, this legendary figure was known to all as Dr. Sixgun..."

An old man comes in to town to look for the doctor. His 11 year old grandson Tomasito has a fever and frostbite in his foot after his mother sent him out to look for their sheep in the snowy weather. They are a poor family after her husband was killed and now things are worse now as her son cannot work and her father is too old. Grandpapa promises his grandson that he will get him a white pony for Christmas. But Christmas is in three days and to the boys mother there seems to be no way that Grandpapa can keep his promise.