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Political Debt, A

Political Debt, A

Broadcast: March 23, 1949
Added: Feb 07 2023

Dagger Smith a man the Lone Ranger had helped put behind bars had been killed in prison leaving behind a young son, David Smith in Rock Springs. Feeling responsible and concerned with what will happen to the boy The Lone Ranger and Tonto ride to Rock Springs. At first the boy didn't want to go with the Lone Ranger and Tonto believing the masked man to be an outlaw friend of his dad's. Tonto takes the boy to the Ranch of Colonel Haines who is going to look after him. Three years later the Lone Ranger meets with Senator Claudius Williams and and asks him for a political favor he had been offered when Williams had been a prosecutor before he moved to Washington. He asks him to make David Smith a Senators Page, a role that usually went to boys from good backgrounds. The senator has to turn his request down but soon realises he should never have doubted the Lone Rangers judgement.