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Peter Lorre Guest Star - Flee The Flu

Peter Lorre Guest Star - Flee The Flu

Broadcast: January 13, 1944
Added: Jan 13 2023

Listen to the music of Freddie Rich and his orchestra, the songs of Connie Haines and with guest star Peter Lorre and of course lots of slapstick comedy from Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Lou Costello maintains he's all right but he's full of cold and nobody wants to catch his cold. Bud tells him to avoid the flu you've got to flee, you've got to flee the flu! Freddie Rich and his orchestra play Alone Together.  Peter Lorre plays the part of the scary owner of a sanitarium , far far away in the lonely woods and suggests that Costello go there, at midnight when the moon is shining bright, to recover from his flu. Connie Haines sings I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night.