Cinnamon Bear
Past or Present

Past or Present

Broadcast: Past or Present
Starring: Various
Added: Jun 13 2001
Narrator: "Do you like ghost stories? Do you like to feel the blood run down your spinal column like the mercury in a thermometer that's been plunged in ice-cold water? Throughout the ages, people have enjoyed listening to tales of the supernatural, although few believe the supernatural exists. I was one of those cynics myself until I heard about Kay and Larry Cowling, and now, I'm not so sure. The subject of time has a lot to do with our preoccupation with ghosts. On one side of the fence we have the realists; you live your own life on Earth and you don't return. On the other side, we have the romantics, people who feel that the past is part of the present. The scoffers make fun of them, they demand proof when a ghost appears, and so far no one has been able to produce a "set of supernatural fingerprints." But tonight, we'll leave the realists and their hard-core facts and lend an ear to a pair of likable young romantics. The story of Kay and Larry Cowling can undoubtedly be explain logically, but that depends, of course, if you have a logical turn of mind".

Reviewed by Kitty