RUSC Radio - 4th July


Broadcast: 4th February 1946
Starring: Marvin Miller
Added: Jul 28 2008
It was a quiet night for San Francisco almost too quiet. The fog drifting in from Leora had been on Kent Buckley’s mind all morning. He tried not to think of her but his mind kept going back to her. He stopped and deliberately thought of her of her leaving tonight walking out of his life forever. He went and booked passage on the same ship Leora and Charles Moffit were sailing on that night. He agrees to be sensible to remember that she is married to respectable wealthy Charles Moffit. But it has always been hard for him to be reasonable where Leora’s concerned and that night at nine o’clock just three hours before sailing time he goes to Leora’s hotel to see her but Charles is there and a struggle ensues which ends in a fatality…