P1525 Luminous Dragon Eye Ring ep10

P1525 Luminous Dragon Eye Ring ep10

Broadcast: 11th October 1940
Starring: Charles Flynn
Added: Jun 22 2002
Jack Armstrong “The All American Boy” features in this juvenile adventure serial along with his friends Jack Billy and Betty. After their thrilling experiences on Easter Island they all return to Hudson to continue with their studies. Uncle Jim is back in Hudson too and is engaged in experiments on a new kind of power so that his airplanes can fly tremendous distances without stopping to refuel. Right now Jack is busy too. In his workshop at home he is hurriedly putting the finishing touches on his new short wave receiver. So Billy and Betty are driving out alone to Uncle Jim’s office at the airplane factory with an important looking letter that they’ve just picked up at the post office. But when they arrive things are not as they should be…and so begins another thrilling adventure! Although some of the episodes in this series are missing each episode on its own is quite enjoyable, as they do occasionally veer off into another adventure before returning to the main story.