One World Flight Introduction To Series

One World Flight Introduction To Series

Broadcast: 14th January 1947
Starring: Norman Corwin
Added: May 12 2011
In February 1946 two American organizations, the Wilkes Memoria and the Common Council For American Unity established an award consisting of a flight around the globe, a flight intended to dramatize and perpetuate Wendell Wilkes’s concept of One World. The first winner of the award chosen on the basis of contributions already made to this ideal was the CBS playwright and producer Norman Corwin. In June 1946 Mr Corwin, with Lee Bland of CBS and a magnetic wire recorder, set out on a globe-circling trip in the course of which they preserved a hundred hours of voices and opinions of the people of 16 countries. Each Tuesday night for 13 weeks Norman Corwin brings the story and record of his One World Flight.