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One Long Pan, Ghost to Ghost Network

One Long Pan, Ghost to Ghost Network

Broadcast: June 4, 1941
Added: Jul 27 2023

Fred Allen and Portland Hoffa welcome you to another hour of mirth and melody. Al Goodman's orchestra open the show with a lovely uplifting tune. After a quick opening joke or two, the episode is filled with a number of musical performances, before the cast discuss the news of the week, as another chapter in Broadway theatrical history is closing, as the world's longest running play - Tobacco Road - gives its final performance at the Forest Theater. Kenny Baker sings Throwing Pebbles in the Mill Stream. Fred then interviews guest Leo Durocher about the Brooklyn Dodgers. Miss Wynn Murray sings Thumbs Up, and then the Texaco Workshop Players do, One Long Pan Comes Through On A Ghost To Ghost Hookup - a case of murder at the radio station. And it's Fred's birthday!