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One And One's A Lonesome

One And One's A Lonesome

Broadcast: 23rd March 1950
Starring: Ronald Reagan
Added: Mar 06 2009
George Bellhock met Marie two weeks ago right after she married the guy he worked for, Henry Grover. Grover owns a lumberyard just outside of town and had been working hard and figured he was right for a vacation. He hired George to manage the place while he was away for two months. George was sorry to hear from him after two months as he’d put a few improvements in and the take was making him forget he had any money troubles. He got a postcard from Grover telling him he’d met a nice babe and married her. He figured she would talk him in to staying in the city and George would be able to buy the lumberyard and relax. That was before he met her, he’d never been so wrong…