Old Moby's Cairn

Old Moby's Cairn

Broadcast: 24th November 1948
Starring: Paul Sutton
Added: Jul 28 2005
Constable Tom Longway was glad to welcome Sergeant Preston to the most northern part of the Yukon Territory so that he share the burden of professor Lambert and his daughter who he thought would be luck to leave with his life. The ill fated ship the Pegasus was a trade ship under a skipper known as old Moby that was caught in a big freeze and the crew all perished. According to the story there was a wooden chest on the ship containing treasure, which had never been found. Moby had buried it under a pile of rocks, a cairn to mark the place so that he could come back for it later. Moby had perished and now 50 years later the professor had discovered the location of the cairn.